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Determining Provider Needs for Respite Training, Results of an Alabama Survey, Brian F. Geiger, Marcia R. O’Neal, December 21, 2014


Easter Seals Colorado and the Colorado Respite Coalition have initiated the creation of a training database, as recommended by the Colorado Respite Care Task Force. The training database will connect both professional and family caregivers to a variety of training sessions, workshops, webinars, etc. that best fit their needs. Such training could range from physical caregiving to Direct Service Worker accreditation, health and wellbeing, and financial and legal planning. The purpose of the training database is to create a more streamlined pathway for caregivers to locate the training they need and get a more complete picture of training availability across Colorado. For a current list of training resources in CO, see the Coalition website.


The Nebraska Lifespan Respite Program and a team of respite partners created an online respite provider training to serve the needs of providers across divisions of the NE Department of Health and Human Services. To maintain their listing on the state's respite registry, all NE Lifespan Respite Network screened providers must satisfactorily complete the training. The online Respite Provider training is being incorporated into a Student Service Learning college pilot curriculum. This pilot, being implemented statewide beginning July 2017, offers a respite certificate for certified nursing assistant students. Additional training modules for specific topics of interest to respite providers to improve the quality and effectiveness of a respite experience for the family caregiver and care receiver are planned. To see the training, you must establish an account with NE's Answers4Families. Additional training information and calendar are available from the NE Lifespan Respite Network.

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New Hampshire

NH Lifespan Respite Provider Curriculum

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South Carolina

The SC Respite Coalition developed a respite training course for the SC Department of Disabilities and Special Needs’ (DDSN) Family-Selected Respite Services. This training is an open-entry, self-paced, online course. It has been designed to provide the basic information that is needed to meet the minimum training requirements to participate in DDSN’s Family-Selected Respite program. Training has been developed for two groups: 1) Consumers and Families (Primary Caregivers); and 2) Respite Caregivers (Individual Respite Providers). Read more.


Family caregivers who participate in Lifespan Respite Washington's voucher program can choose providers from a vetted list of agencies. Lifespan Respite Washington developed a report to share with the respite provider agencies listed in their respite registry to keep them engaged and informed. The respite provider report provides data on the caregivers served across the state; welcomes new providers; and provides a snapshot of the data that documents voucher program success. Family caregivers can find information about respite providers here.


Respite Care Association of Wisconsin offers a variety of free online training courses for both caregivers and respite workers on many topics. These courses are divided into five categories: Respite Care Certificate Program, KIT for Caregivers, KIT for Respite Providers, Specialized Trainings, and Monthly Minis.  For more information, contact the Respite Care Association of Wisconsin's Training Resources.  See also flyers for recruiting providers

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