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Lessons Learned

  • Sustaining Lifespan Respite Systems: Lessons Learned and Practical Applications with a Checklist for Success

Author: Susan Janko Summers, PhD, ARCH

With technical assistance from ARCH and The Finance Project, eight Exemplar States chosen from among the Lifespan Respite grantees and partners, worked to develop comprehensive state sustainability plans for lifespan respite care. Through in-depth interviews conducted as part of an evaluation of The Finance Project ’s technical assistance efforts, the Exemplar States shared the wisdom they gained from their actual experience in developing Sustainability Plans. Their challenges and successes, along with experiences shared by other states undertaking sustainability planning activities, informed this document on Lessons Learned in sustainability.

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  • Infographic: What’s the Key Ingredient for a Successful, Sustainable Coalition?

Author: Casandra Firman, ARCH

As Lifespan Respite grantees and their State Respite Coalitions work to build diverse and meaningful partnerships for sustainability, ARCH developed this inforgraphic to reflect lessons learned.


Tools for Collaboration and Sustainability

  • Tools for Collaboration: Building and Sustaining Partnerships for Lifespan Respite Care Programs
This fact sheet provides definitions of different levels of collaboration and answers the questions: Why is collaboration a priority area for the Lifespan Respite Care Program? and What does collaboration in Lifespan Respite Care Programs mean? Also provided are state examples of effective collaborations and partnerships to advance Lifespan Respite systems, and links to valuable tools and resources to support Lifespan Respite Care Program Lead Agencies, State Respite Coalitions, ADRCs and their stakeholders in developing or maintaining collaborations.
Fact Sheet
  • Tools for Sustainability: Financing Strategies for Lifespan Respite Programs and State Respite Coalitions

The matrix, Financing Strategies for Lifespan Respite Programs and State Respite Coalitions, provides a summary of approaches that can be used by Lifespan Respite grantees or programs and state respite coalitions to assist with financial sustainability. Includes concrete state and local examples.

Financing Strategies Matrix

The Lifespan Respite Sustainability Toolkit, developed by The Finance Project in collaboration with ARCH, includes:

  • The Finance Project's Sustainability Planning Workbook, a comprehensive tool composed of five modules and a CD-ROM that helps users clarify their vision, identify key issues in sustaining their work, and develop strategies to achieve long-term goals. While the materials in the Workbook are focused on services for children and families, the strategies and training modules for sustainability planning are relevant across the age and disability spectrum.*
*Due to limited resources, only the state grantee receives the hard bound Sustainability Planning Workbook. State grantees are asked to share the Workbook and its Modules with their State Respite Coalitions and other primary partners during the planning process.
  • Finance Project Logic Model  (posted with permission from The Finance Project)

Select work sheets from The Finance Project's Sustainability Toolkit shared during the webinar Framework for Sustainability Planning, May 2012: (to access, visit archived webinar page and scroll down to Additional Resources)

  • Sustainability Self-Assessment Tool
  • Worksheet 1: Clarify What to Sustain
  • Worksheet 2: Determine the Program Cost
  • Worksheet 3: Map the Available Resources
  • Worksheet 4: Assess the Resource Gaps

Webinars and Teleconferences on Sustainability

For more recent webinars and teleconferences, see Sustainability Learning Collaborative


  • Module III - Creating a Strategic Financing Plan, March 5, 2014

Archived Webinar, click here.

This most recent webinar presented by Cheri Hayes, CEO of The Finance Project, explored Module III of The Finance Project’s Sustainability Planning Workbook: Creating a Strategic Financing Plan in depth.

  • From Theory to Practice: Sustainability Tools for Lifespan Respite Grantees and Partners
    Lifespan Respite Grantee/Partner Webinar, July 16, 2013

    Archived Webinar, click here.

The Finance Project presented a webinar on Sustainability Tools for Lifespan Respite Grantees and Partners. This webinar goes hand-in-hand with the Sustainability Toolkit, developed by The Finance Project for ARCH, to assist in ongoing sustainability efforts.

Two additional earlier webinars on sustainability:

  • Framework for Sustainability Planning. For archived webinar, click here.
  • Funding Sustainability for Lifespan Respite Programs, Part II: Examples from the States. For archived webinar, click here.
Teleconference Calls

For additional state examples, see links to recorded Lifespan Respite grantee/partner conference calls

  • Strategic Planning for Lifespan Respite: Why is it important and how is it done?  March 19, 2013, click here.
  • Planning for Lifespan Respite Grant Activities: Beyond the First Three Years, January 30, 2013, click here.

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